Bhakti Yoga


Join us Sunday Mornings at 8 am for devotional Bhakti yoga.  This class includes 108 prostrations, chanting with mala beads, and mantras.  This is a love offering class and is free.  We will also provide a sattvic breakfast of basmati rice and raisins (like rice pudding) for those who attend and wish to join us in an Ayurvedic meal.

Now on LIVE STREAM: Still working out the kinks so please be patient. The live stream is a little delayed, so give it a couple minutes past 8 to start. Also, send a text and let us know you’re joining in, and we will send a shout out. 307-431-0386

To find us, in your search bar type: Bhakti Yoga Live From Wyoming????



We will learn the importance of OM and Shanti Shanti Shanti